WowWee Paper Jamz Microphone Review

Looking to buy the Wowwee Paper Jamz Microphone? This is what you should know before buying the toy.

WowWee Paper Jamz Pro Mic Series - Style 3


If you’ve got a little rock star in your house then you need this toy. Any kid who loves to sing and pretend to be a rock star will love this.

It’s basically a microphone and an effects mixer, but it is specifically designed to work with the most popular songs. It comes preloaded with 2 songs, but you can also add your own. Any song will work, but in order to be able to fully utilize all the effects then you need the songs that are on their list of songs. Don’t worry if that sounds limiting. There are new songs added all the time and if you want a specific song that they don’t have then they have a request form on their site and you can request any song.

In order to add your own songs you have to go to their website and download a free app. They have an app for Windows or Mac computers. It’s really simple to do. So when you go to look up what songs are fully functional with the system, if you already own the song, then you just use the app to put the song onto your WowWee Paper Jamz  Microphone.

It has an Auto Mode which will automatically adjust the effects while you are singing so that you can sound just like the original song. It also has some really cool voice effects like Perfect Pitch, Chorus – which adds depth to your voice, Auto Vibrato, Melody Match – which tunes your voice so that you are always singing a perfect melody for that song, and Auto Harmony – so you can make the song sound like an amazing duet.

If your little rock star is anything like mine, then you will have get to attend many free concerts. Kids love to perform with the WowWee Paper Jamz Pro Mic. They can change the effects as they sing so each concert is exactly how they want it to be. It’s great to play with friends or even have a family singing contest, if your family is into that kind of thing. Having a bad singing voice is no longer a problem with this toy, it will make you sound great!

Here is a video with a kid putting the microphone to the test.

It comes in three different styles, so you can pick the one that you like best. You can check all 3 styles out on Have fun singing!


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