Best Toys for Toddlers with Non-Verbal Autism

Best toys for toddlers with non-verbal autism are designed to develop the little one’s creativity, cognitive, emotional, social and motor skills. They are not any different from regular toys. The only difference is that they also help stimulate language development in autistic kids. That’s why finding the best toy for these children is an almost near miracle.

After scouring through the internet, we found a couple of options in the market. Here are our top picks of some of the best toys for toddlers with non-verbal autism;

1. MK Feelings Memory Card Game

MK Feelings Memory Card Game


Toddlers can try matching pairs of cards in the MK Feelings Memory Card Game. This helps improve the child’s cognitive skills and also trains their memory. This 20-piece set offers more than just memory training. Toddlers with non-verbal autism usually have trouble when it comes to expressing their feelings and this card game addresses this issue.

Some of the best ways parents can encourage their non-verbal autistic children to communicate is through role play and imitation. Parents can start out by imitating the facial expressions on the card and see if the toddler understands. After several variations and repetitions, get the kid to do the same then you can describe their emotion. At this stage, words are not quite important. Use gestures instead as they are also a great mode of communication.

However, if the child can speak, let them try naming any feeling or pick a memory card that describes their feelings. Scalability is also a great feature. Start with two pairs as you proceed depending on the child’s age and cognitive level.

2. Goally



Goally is a tablet-like gadget that almost resembles an iPad. It turns your toddler’s daily behaviors and routines into exciting adventures with rewards. It promotes language development ideal for toddlers with non-verbal autism. Plus, it helps reduce anxiety and effortlessly helps the little one learn how to cope in different situations. The app allows you to set schedules, tasks and chores for the child. The kid gets a reward anytime he/she successfully completes the set routine.

Experts recommend starting out with what your child likes then work your way from there. The best thing about this toy is that it helps the little one focus on one task without getting distracted.

3. Monkey Noodle Stretchy String Fidget

Monkey Noodle Stretchy String Fidget


If you are looking for the best toys for toddlers with non-verbal autism and you are on a budget, then the Monkey Noodle Stretchy String Fidget is your best bet. It comes in a set of five in different fun colors. The strings are fidgety and stretchable to allow the toddle use them in different ways. They can use the strings on their own or pair them with other toys.

These brightly colored tubes help improve the toddlers sensory and gross-motor skills. Plus, it helps reduce anxiety. The strings are made of phthalate-free rubber that is not only safe but also durable. However, don’t let your toddler play with the Monkey Noodle Stretchy String Fidget unsupervised.

4. TickiT Silishapes Sensory Circles

TickiT Silishapes Sensory Circles


TickiT Silishapes Sensory Circles is the one of the best sensory toys for toddlers with non-verbal autism. It’s a set of both small and big, textured and colored disks that help fulfil the little one’s sensory needs and develop their logic, language and gross-motor skills while at it. Colors always come in handy!

The pattern on the disks lets the little one match them by either textures or colors – whichever way they prefer. According to research, most non-verbal autistic kids are usually more often than not sensory seekers. That’s why they will love rubbing, touching and treading. What’s more, safety is guaranteed since the rubber is not slippery.

5. Ativafit Folding Trampoline

Ativafit Folding Trampoline


Ativafit Folding Trampoline is not only fun and entertainment but also helps strengthen muscles, improves balance and coordination. It’s the best toy for a hyperactive autistic kid and works well in both an indoor and outdoor setting. Bouncing and jumping is equally important for physical health. It features a safety handle that protects the kid and prevents them from falling over. It’s lightweight, compact and easy to store in case you were worried about space.

6. Fat Brain Toys Teeter Popper

Fat Brain Toys Teeter Popper


Fat Brain Toys Teeter Popper is hands down the best toy for toddlers with non-verbal autism. Rocking is a common type of stimming behavior usually associated with autism. The board makes it both rewarding and entertaining because it’s versatile and the child can use it while sitting or standing. Also, the suction cups produce a popping sound that makes it more fun.

Save for producing a lot of sensory input, Fat Brain Toys Teeter Popper also enhances balance and coordination. The toy doesn’t necessarily nurture verbal communication but keeps the baby happy and that is equally important.

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