Finally, We’ve Found an Exersaucer that Isn’t UGLY!

Some people loathe baby toys with obnoxious colors and those that become furniture pieces in the house. They are usually annoying to look at, and it’s not like you need them. As a parent, you need about 15 different entertainers for your little one. From the moment you conceive, you already will be thinking of subtle options available in the market that aren’t ugly.

Usually, babies like colorful and high contrast toys, which aid in their early development stages. However, some people are opposed to the toys being too bright since they believe it’s a bit hideous.

In recent years, manufacturing companies have made beautiful toys that blend into the home at an affordable price. Here are some of the best baby toys that aren’t ugly and are reasonably priced:

Playmats, Exersaucer, Swings, Jumpers, and Activity Centers

Let’s stick to bigger items since they are easily noticeable when you enter a room. However, they are more expensive than smaller ones. Besides, baby toys in neutral colors are usually unisex, meaning you can buy multiple products in different colors without worry if you have a girl and a boy.

Generally, most of the big items are available in matching themes and colors to enable you to coordinate the toys in the room perfectly. One of the best brands in the market for baby gear is Skip Hop. They offer a fun medium between looking exquisite and having a perfect color for the baby’s development.

Additionally, the toy’s colors and characters match the house décor. Here are some of the best alternatives for your home and neutral ones too:

Activity Centers THAT AREN’t UGLY



Exersaucer, walkers, and jumpers are among the many options for activity centers. The Skip Hop Activity Center was our best choice since it combines all the above actions into one, plus it wasn’t hideous and big. Since the bottom isn’t stationary, it acts as a jumper, and the little one can either push off or wobble it. Your toddler will still love it even though it doesn’t bounce like a typical jumper.

The toy additionally comes with a tiny keyboard at the bottom and a viewing window for when they grow a bit older to play with their feet and see different colors. If your child likes playing with everything, you can add to the activity center sassy suction cup toys.

When the baby outgrows the seat, you can turn it to an activity table to extend its life, which justifies the cost.

Playmats and Activity Gyms That Are Not Ugly

Playmats and Activity Gyms That Are Not Ugly


Parents can check out the Skip Hop Playmat for their tots. Other neutral options in the market are a bit inexpensive if you are working on a budget. Choose a theme mat design and color that fits your house’s.

Baby Swings that Are not Ugly

Baby Swings that Are not Ugly


The baby swing is neutral and blends well on a white trim and gray walls. Plus, it also doubles up as a rocker. It’s also portable as you can move it around the house when the baby is sleeping. You can equally get a similar swing in bouncer combo if that’s what the baby prefers.

Go for a rocker if your baby doesn’t like the bouncer since you can’t move I around with the little one in it. The toys on the swing are cream, and you can use it for nap time, and relaxing and colorful toys tend to attract attention.

Parents know how to it goes with babies. You love them too much but wouldn’t want toys to occupy the entire space in the house. Therefore, parents who hate hideous toys can shop for baby gears that aren’t ugly from different designers.

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