Best Educational Toys for 7-Year-Old Boys

At 7 years, the child is usually working on thinking, language, social and emotional development. The best educational toys for 7-year-olds will help enhance these skills and make them become innovative. The toy should be challenging to nudge their cognitive and creative ability.

5 Best Educational Toys for 7-Year-Old Boys

Here’s a round-up of the best educational toys for 7-year-old boys that will help them grow:

  1. National Geographic Magic Chemistry Set

National Geographic Magic Chemistry Set


National Geographic Magic Chemistry Set features 10 easy tricks with mind blowing science experiments. Your 7-year-old can create a magic show with the magic wand and white gloves. He can make a coin float, make water disappear, change the color of water, catch bubbles and have snow appear magically in his hands among others. It’s one of the best science experiment kits for 7-year-olds. The experiments are uniquely designed to be performed by kids as a magical trick using the wand while dressed up in white gloves. This helps encourage imaginative play.

National Geographic Magic Chemistry Set is both educational and fun which makes it the best educational toy for 7-year-old boys. The kit has everything a 7-year-old needs to conduct more than 10 science experiments that are also magic tricks. What’s more, the child gets to perfect the act before he can put up a show for friends and family. It comes with a detailed experiment guide that features step-by-step kid-friendly instructions with illustrations for each experiment. It also features fascinating insights and facts about the science at work.

Your 7-year-old boy will learn a lot about physics and chemistry at an early age and the information will come in handy as he transitions into adulthood. The toy ignites imagination and nurtures exploration and lifelong love of science.

  1. Jackinthebox Space Educational STEM Toy

Jackinthebox Space Educational STEM Toy


Jackinthebox Space Educational STEM Toy includes six different fun projects ranging from science to arts and crafts. It’s a great space toy gift for 7-year-old boys. Kids can make their own solar system mobile and also learn about constellation by making a magical kaleidoscope and a streamer to see patterns in it. They also get to learn the basic concepts of a rocket and how it works by carrying out a simple experiment. Your 7-year-old boy can also use Oreo cookies and lick off the cream to help him understand the different phases of the moon during the month.

Jackinthebox is a board game that has it all as it was designed by learning and educational experts. The kit helps build the child’s confidence, encourages imaginative play, inspires creativity and learn practical skills. The different crafts provide limitless options of creative fun which makes it the best educational toy for 7-year-olds. Plus, the activities can double up as decorations for the child’s room.

In addition, each set comes with a set of instructions and necessary accessories. The toy set also helps improve rational thought and teach listening. All the materials are child-friendly and mess-free so parents don’t have to worry when their kids are playing.

  1. Osmo Genius Starter Kit

Osmo Genius Starter Kit


Osmo Genius Starter Kit is a math, spelling and creativity STEM educational and learning playset that comes with an Osmo base. It’s one of the best educational toys for 7-year-olds boys as they get to interact with the handheld pieces and an iPad. The kids need to arrange over 100 puzzle pieces to match the shapes on the screen, solve physics puzzles by placing items in front of the screen or drawing lines. They can also use creative drawing skills to learn how to draw, add, count, subtract, multiply tiles to pop the number bubbles and solve math problems.

Osmo Genius Starter Kit also allows 7-year-old boys to perfect their vocabulary and learn spelling with skill level selections and images on the screen. It helps them learn different developmental skills including problem-solving, shape placement, math, puzzles, addition, counting, geography, freehand drawing, gain listening skills and physics. Osmo sees and reacts to real life moves and is geared towards kids and the continued love for learning.

  1. Owlconic Learning Time Game

Owlconic Learning Time Game


Owlconic Learning Time Game is a 128-piece educational resource toy for 7-year-old boys that helps them learn both analog and digital time.  A set covers different skills, memory, fractions, time and fine motor. It’s quite engaging as it helps young children learn about clocks and making connections between digital and analogue time at school and home. There are a lot of ways to play since it adjustable to all abilities. It teaches kids time sequence with flash cards, dice, clock board and sight words. Plus, you can use it as a demonstration clock to teach young children time.

  1. LEGO Classic Large Creative Brick Box Building Kit

LEGO Classic Large Creative Brick Box


LEGO Classic Large Creative Brick Box Building Kits is hands down the best educational toy for 7-year-old boys. It engages the kids in pretend play as it lets them build toys on their own such as scooter and house. The brick box contains windows, doors, tires, wheel rims and green baseplates to inspire creativity.

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