These Are the Best Toys for Babies at Restaurants

Keeping your baby calm at the restaurant can be quite a hassle. And with other customers enjoying their meals, the last thing you want is unwanted stares because your toddler is throwing tantrums.

Luckily, you can keep your babies calm and collected at the restaurant with a bunch of toys. Not all toys will work though. You need toys that will make your baby concentrate and stay busy not to make unwanted noises.

Read on to find the best toys for babies at restaurants.

Best Toys for Babies at Restaurants

These restaurant toys will come in handy for all parents out there! They are known as plus-plus blocks, are educational, portable, fun, impressive, and quite affordable. Plus, they can cheer up your little one for longer.

  1. Plus-Plus Assortment

Plus-Plus Assortment


The tiles are colorful, small, flat, and have a puzzle-like shape that locks closer together, making 3D and 2D designs. It’s one of the best restaurant toys in the market.

Parents confess to how happy they are after making a purchase. They bring toys everywhere, from restaurants to sports events. As a parent, you will always look forward to those peaceful meals.

Why Kids Love the Toy

Children love the toy since they can typically make anything out of them. Although each piece’s shape is similar, they have endless combinations and are challenging for both small and big kids alike. The plus-plus big set works well for children under the age of 3.

The plus-plus basic assortment is equally addictive for adults. Constructing a 2D flower garden is more relaxing compared to those grown-up coloring books. One parent even quipped that the toy has superpowers. She always has them in her purse to maintain their newness and gives the kids when at the restaurant.

The toy was initially a Denmark invention back in 2005. For years, it remained a secret in Scandinavia until Ryan Hamilton, a U.S distributor, spotted them in Germany at a toy show.

Hamilton was sure the toy would be a hit after giving them to his four children. Together with his business partner, they founded Plus-Plus in the U.S the following year. Most parents like the tubes as they are reusable and portable. The toys also have various play value in smaller packages.

Plus-Plus comes in tubes in addition to the bags and different color schemes such as pastel and neon. The toys also come in themed sets.

  1. Plus-Plus Mini Maker Unicorn Tube

Plus-Plus Mini Maker Unicorn Tube


One of the most amazing things about this toy is you can easily carry them around in your purse. Plus, they can even get the children to give up on T.V time! Plus-Plus Mini Maker Unicorn is a sure way to keep the little ones busy and having fun simultaneously.

Carry any of the two toys above with you when you take your baby to the restaurant, and you can be sure he’ll be well-behaved and quiet as a mouse. The baby will be busy with the toys that you won’t have to worry about attracting unwanted stares.

The above are the best toys for babies at restaurants.


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