9 Best Toys That Promote Social and Emotional Development for Infants

Children’s brains develop rapidly during their first few years of life, as does their ability to learn important social and emotional skills.

Their increasing potential to explore their surroundings, learn, feel, regulate, and express a range of emotions, and build deep, rewarding connections with other children and adults is referred to as social and emotional development.

The following list contains nine toys that promote social and emotional development for infants.

9 Toys That Promote Social and Emotional Development for Infants

1. Hand2mind Mindful Maze Boards

Hand2mind Mindful Maze Boards


This is a hands-on resource that helps youngsters develop social-emotional skills by offering clues and actual objects to lead them through breathing exercises while avoiding screens.

The Mindful Maze Boards would be a fantastic addition to your therapy supplies. Three double-sided mindful maze boards are included in each package of Mindful Mazes. For your classroom, daycare, or soothing home zone, Mindful Maze Boards would be a perfect addition to your slow-down toys.

2. Learning Resources Big Feelings Pineapple

Learning Resources Big Feelings Pineapple


Every face you make with the Big Feelings Pineapple builds preschool social-emotional learning (S.E.L.) abilities, whether kids are learning in the classroom or at home. With 26 distinct facepieces to choose from, youngsters can explore the intricacies of social-emotional learning in each of the numerous faces they create.

These toys that promote social and emotional development for infants even help kids understand opposites by comparing and contrasting two faces simultaneously, thanks to its two-sided design.

3. Educational Insights Plush Mixaroo

Educational Insights Plush Mixaroo


MixaRoo aids in the development of creativity, fine motor skills, and problem-solving abilities. It is a comprehensive parent activity guide with tale starters, and other parent-and-me activities are included.

Kids will play by assembling the wacky creature of their wildest ideas by mixing and matching parts and components. The options are practically unlimited, with ten easy-to-stick hook-and-loop components and a soft, velvety body.

4. Developmental Bumpy Ball

Sassy Developmental Bumpy Ball


These Bumpy balls are must-have toys that promote social and emotional development for infants because of their vibrant colors, striking designs, and easy-to-grasp bumps. The high contrast colors and patterns help the baby focus, which helps to enhance their vision.

The gentle bead rattle sounds form neuronal connections in newborns’ brains from birth to three years of age. The ball’s chunky-sized bumps encourage reaching, grabbing, and transferring from one hand to the other, which help strengthen the baby’s motor skills.

5. LEGO DUPLO Town Farm Tractor & Animal Care

LEGO DUPLO Town Farm Tractor & Animal Care


The unlimited possibilities for creative enjoyment and developmental play are endless with this multifunctional tractor toy. Parents and kids can spend lovely moments together at the farm and petting zoo by helping out. There’s a tractor towing a cart full of tools, as well as two adorable lambs, a farmer, and a toddler.

Fine motor skills and social and emotional awareness are developed as children play out animal-care activities such as delivering sheep and feeding them.

6. AMAFHHA ABC Flash Cards



AMAFHHA ABC FlashCards is an innovative flashcard system based on the Montessori method of learning numbers and conceptual counting to teach elementary math and basic arithmetic (addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication).

Numbers have distinct characteristics that reduce confusion and facilitate number recognition, even for dyslexic learners, making them ideal toys that promote social and emotional development for infants and educational and stimulation activities for toddlers.

7. Feelings Flashcards Game

Feelings Flashcards Game


These emotion flashcards are realistic and engaging, with hand-painted expressions that your child will understand. These emotion cards will help them develop their emotional intelligence, social skills, and behavioral reactions. For a kids’ cool-down corner, use it as a behavior poster or even a feelings chart.

These cards will extend your child’s emotional vocabulary while expanding their growth beyond their agemates.

8. Social-Emotional Games NoWaries S.T.O.R.M.

Social-Emotional Games NoWaries S.T.O.R.M.


Emotions are really powerful. It can sometimes get so powerful that verbalizing it is impossible. People who are unable to articulate or comprehend their feelings may become frustrated. The popular card game War inspires this set. After receiving the card with the greatest value, the winning strategy uses emotional words in sentences.

These toys that promote social and emotional development for infants improve children’s literacy, allowing them to express themselves more effectively and understand the feelings of those around them.

9. Feelings and Dealings: An Emotions and Empathy Card Game

Feelings and Dealings- An Emotions and Empathy Card Game


Emotional intelligence, empathy, and mindfulness are just a few of the life skills that all children should master as they grow up. Parents, schools, and therapists all want to help their children develop empathy abilities, but they often don’t know-how.

Feelings and Dealings is a fun, low-cost way to teach these skills through play while also increasing diversity awareness through the characters in the goods. Children like experimenting with the various ways to play with the card deck and parents are pleasantly pleased by the increased emotional vocabulary and subsequent talks with their children.


If you are looking for the best toys that promote social and emotional development for infants, then consider the above nine toys and, more so, the Social-Emotional Games as it helps children express themselves more effectively and understand the feelings, things, and people around them.

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