Best Toddler Toys for Cognitive Development

Children have an innate curiosity for the environment around them and are always learning new things. There are new sounds, noises, and items for them to discover. Cognitive development refers to a child’s ability to process information, reason, remember, and express emotions. It can be aided by various activities such as dress-up, board games, and active play.

They can combine the new with the old as they grow and learn new cognitive skills, expanding their knowledge and understanding. Below are the Nine best toddler toys for cognitive development that help children achieve important cognitive milestones.

9 Best Toddler Toys For Cognitive Development

1. Bead Maze Toy for Toddlers

Bead Maze Toy for Toddlers


This wooden bead maze is ideal for developing math skills, fruit and color recognition, hand-eye coordination, and spatial reasoning.

It comes with six brightly colored wooden fruits beads, including strawberry, cherry, pear, apple, watermelon, and lemon, which can help you teach your infant to recognize the different fruits.

2. Melissa & Doug Rainbow Caterpillar Gear Toy

Melissa & Doug Rainbow Caterpillar Gear Toy


Melissa & Doug, a well-known manufacturer of educational toys, created this toy. This caterpillar is no exception; in no time, your youngster will be a little mechanic, and it’s ideal for children aged one year and up. It will provide a fun challenge for any child with its six interchangeable gears.

Color perception or recognition, hand-eye coordination, and fine motor skills are all improved by this toy.

3. Baby Pop Up Animals Toy

Baby Pop Up Animals Toy


This iconic pop-up toy makes a great ideal for teaching the cause and the effect to young children. They’ll see that pressing the colored buttons causes the creatures to appear. This Funnily toy has four gorgeous animals: a zebra, bear, hippo, and a giraffe, all of which will make anyone smile.

4. Wooden Puzzles Toy Box

Wooden Puzzles Toy Box


This instructive toy will turn your child become a miniature Einstein. It contains a clock, colorful shapes with corresponding sorting bead threading, holes, and other elements that help a toddler’s growth. It’s impossible to get bored with this fantastic toy box.

5. WolVol Musical Activity Cube

WolVol Musical Activity Cube


WolVol Activity Cube is an amazing toy center and an essential must-have for every youngster. There are limitless hours of delight with this toy since it contains many learning features, such a toy smartphone, a hammer, steering wheel, sound drum, a microphone and mini DJ area.

While playing, children develop critical, creative thinking and problem-solving skills, increase hand-eye coordination, and promote fine motor skills as they strive to figure out what each activity entails.

6. Brio World 33710 – My First Railway Battery Operated Train Set

Brio World 33710 - My First Railway Battery Operated Train Set


Every kid enjoys playing with toy trains and Brio World 33710 the best toddler toys for cognitive development. The track and train include vivid music and colors which captures your child’s attention and keep them entertained as it rotates. They can also vary the speed by pressing down on the characters.

7. Rainbow Colored Counting Bears with Cups

Rainbow Colored Counting Bears with Cups


With these enjoyable best toddler toys for cognitive development, children

will get an opportunity of learning every color. This toy help kids learn numbers and math by color-sorting bears which are 72 in number into the 6 cups with matching colors or counting them. Also included in the Rainbow Colored Bears with Cups package is a convenient storage bag.

8. Kidzlane Color Matching Egg Set

Kidzlane Color Matching Egg Set


Kidzlane Color Matching toy is fantastic for teaching young children about colors and also encouraging them to sort, count, and use various fine motor abilities and skills to accurately fit the eggs that come in a sturdy plastic case shaped and with cute texture like a traditional egg carton.

9. Lewo Wooden Geometric Chunky Puzzles



Lewo Geometric Puzzle is one of the best toddler toys for cognitive development. The puzzle pieces have bright, intriguing hues and are ideal for small hands. While playing with these beautiful puzzles, your child will be learning colors, shapes and at the same time practicing a variety of key abilities.


For the most part, the concept of play is thought to be beneficial in supporting a child’s growth, learning, development, and flourishing. Many people are unaware that play is incredibly beneficial for physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development.

Cognitive talents are exercised and promoted beginning in infancy, such as gross and fine motor skills and social and emotional skills. Children gain confidence, learn decision-making abilities, and develop critical thinking skills through play, all of which will help them prepare for adulthood.

As children grow older, their cognitive development improves and becomes more complex. During a child’s initial years, he will develop trillions of neural synapses or brain-cell connections. As children develop into adults, providing them with opportunities to explore and interact with the world through toys and play will help those brain cells connect and “wire” their brains.

When it comes to finding these best toddler toys for cognitive development, you want them to be both enjoyable and functional. They should also be exciting, bright, and light-up. It’s easy to become overwhelmed by the lots of options, which is why this list is here to help.

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