Best Toys that You Can Take Apart and Put Together

Children are naturally curious as they want to know how things around them work. Curiosity leads them to taking things apart and putting them back together if possible. When kids can resist the urge to take things apart, they end up destroying important stuff around the house some of which cannot be put together. That’s why it’s important to get the little one’s age-appropriate toys that they can take apart and put together.

Thankfully, there are many toys in the market that little one’s can take apart and put together. These toys are not only fun and entertaining but also educational as kids get to learn a thing or two when playing.

Best Toys for 3 to 5-Year Olds that Like Taking Things Apart

Children between the age of three to five are usually working on their fine and gross motor skills. This means that toys with small parts like Legos can be a bit frustrating for them. The toys are equally dangerous since at this stage, most kids tend to put things into the mouth. Parents can instead go for larger take apart toys for safety. When shopping for the best toys that the young ones can take apart and put together, always consider the kid’s developmental level.

Building blocks are ideal for children who like putting things back together after taking them apart. Remember, blocks are usually sturdy which means that kids who love throwing toys also stand to benefit from softer blocks. Here’s a round-up of some of the best toys that you can take apart and put together:

  1. Wooden Building Blocks for Kids

Wooden Building Blocks for Kids


Wooden Building Blocks for Kids is uniquely designed to inspire exploration, fuel imagination and encourage curiosity for a lifetime of learning. From creative crafts to classic wooden toys, the brand emphasizes on the importance of safety and product quality. These timeless blocks are ideal for building anything imaginable which gives the kid hours of play and learning. The set comes with 80 pieces of wooden blocks in different shapes and colors.

Wooden Building Blocks for kids gives the little one unlimited possibilities when it comes to stacking, building and balancing. It also helps enhance hand-eye coordination and develop fine motor skills. This educational toy is also ideal for toddlers as it helps them learn different shapes and colors.

  1. Coogan Take Apart Racing Car with Electric Screwdriver Tool

Coogan Take Apart Racing Car with Electric Screwdriver Tool


Coogan Take Apart Racing Car is one of the best toys that you can take apart and put together. It’s a 26-piece set that comes with screws, a plastic drill and different car parts that the little one can assemble, disassemble and put back together. The assembling and re-assembling process is not only fun but also helps improve the kid’s concentration, build their patience, fine motor skills, construction and cognitive skills. The brightly colored parts will attract the child’s attention and guarantees to keep them focused for hours and is equally helpful as it helps develop their color perception.

Once the little one assembles the car successfully, the headlights light up and car sounds play when you press a button. This take apart racing car is made with high-quality eco-friendly non-toxic ABS materials that is safe to use.

  1. KODATEK Take Apart Toys with Engine and Electric Drill Tool

KODATEK Take Apart Toys with Engine and Electric Drill Tool


KODATEK aims at making affordable, quality and safe products and this take apart toy is no exception. It’s easy to assemble and use which makes it one of the best toys that you can take apart and put together. It comes with two screwdrivers to help the little one take apart the toy and put it back together. Plus, the instruction guide will come in handy for children below the age of five when assembling the KODATEK Take Apart Toy.

The airplane base consists of two small wheels and engines. The toy helps improve hand-eye coordination, enhances fine motor skills, problem-solving skills and encourages patience and teamwork. Children also learn about this STEM take apart toy while building it on their own. It also helps the little ones to learn about the tools and understand the mechanism behind them.

  1. 7 in 1 Take Apart Truck Construction Set

7 in 1 Take Apart Truck Construction Set


This take apart construction set is a STEM learning toy that comes with an electric drill, DIY engineering building playset with lights, sound and push & go educational set. It’s easy to assemble without adult supervision which makes it ideal for kids above the age of 5. Each truck features built-in lights and sound for a more exciting experience. The push & go technology provides enhanced playability while power drill helps take apart the truck and put the pieces back together.

7 in 1 Take Apart Truck guarantees the kids hours of fun with unlimited possibilities. They will love watching the truck cover long distances using the friction powered wheels.

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