11 Toys that Will be Hard to Find this Christmas

Check out these 11 toys that will be hard to find this Christmas and get them while stocks last. Hurry!

Every year, a new popular toy hits the market just in time for Christmas, and due to high demand and limited supply, stores are packed with parents battling for the last one off the shelf.

The following list contains eleven toys that will be hard to find this Christmas because they are in high demand, and many parents are currently trying to get them for their children.

11 Toys That Will Be Hard To Find This Christmas

1. Galactic Snackin’ Grogu Animatronic

Galactic Snackin’ Grogu Animatronic


Yoda toys for babies are really popular. The Baby Yoda Animatronic sold out months before Christmas last year, and the new Galactic Snackin’ Grogu Animatronic 2021 will be even more popular!

Over 40 sounds and gestures are included in this Baby Yoda Animatronic toy, including giggling, chattering, moving his head, ears, and holding out his hands when he wants to be picked up.

2. Spider-Man Web Quarters Playset

Spider-Man Web Quarters Playset


The Marvel Spidey and His Amazing Friends Web-Quarters Playset with Lights and Sounds includes a Spidey figure and vehicle for kids ages three and up.

This Christmas, Spider-Man fans will be on the lookout for the new Spidey Web Quarters Playset. These toys that will be hard to find this Christmas are the ultimate web communications headquarters, complete with a helipad, lounge, and web jail, among other features.

3. Hot Wheels Supercharged Shark Vehicle

Hot Wheels Supercharged Shark Vehicle


This shark-shaped R.C. monster truck has dynamic steering and a high top speed, and it can race both on land and in the water. It includes a chewing mechanism and a trailing dorsal fin to help propel it through the water.

4. Space Jam “Lebron James” Shoot + Dunk Playset

Space Jam “Lebron James” Shoot + Dunk Playset


The shoot and dunk playset will appeal to fans of the upcoming Space Jam film. Kids can mimic the court action with these toys that will be hard to find this Christmas, which has a LeBron James figure with big hands.

Place LeBron James on the Launcher to blast him into the air for a spectacular slam. Fill his hand with the ball, pull it back, shoot, and score a three-pointer.

5. LOL Surprise OMG Movie Magic Studios

LOL Surprise OMG Movie Magic Studios


With packaging that transforms into a movie studio with four stages and a movie theater green screen, as well as an accompanying tripod for filming movies with your cellphone, OMG Movie Magic Studios ensures that your kids are ready to film. It includes 12 dolls to unbox, including 2 OMG fashion dolls, 6 LOL Surprise dolls, 2 Pets, and 2 Lil Sisters, so you can put together a complete cast and crew for each film you make.

6. LOL Surprise Dance Dance Dance Doll

LOL Surprise Dance Dance Dance Doll


Children will be able to collect all of the dancing dolls and learn dance techniques, then remix them into their dances to compete with their friends in a dance doll dance-off.

These toys that will be hard to find this Christmas comes with 15 surprises, including Dance B.B. Dance and Fly B.B. Fly with Major Lady and her powerful Pop/Rock flair.

7. Gabby’s Dollhouse

Gabby’s Dollhouse


This Purrfect Dollhouse is perfect for Gabby’s Dollhouse lovers! It has seven rooms and a Cat-A-Vator, much like the one from the program! Furniture, a Gabby girl figurine, a Pandy Paws figurine, two dollhouse delivery, accessories, and an instruction manual are included.

8. Real Littles Locker Handbag Bundle

Real Littles Locker Handbag Bundle


The Real Littles Locker, Real Littles Duffle Bag, and Real Littles Handbag are included in the Real Littles Locker and Handbag Exclusive Bundle. The Rainbow-themed Locker, Duffle Bag, and Handbag are all exclusive to this Pack.

These toys that will be hard to find this Christmas are ideal for your kids to transport their small collectibles on holidays.

9. NERF Hyper Mach-100



Large hoppers come standard on Nerf Hyper blasters, allowing you to spend more time playing and less reloading. With their innovative design and material, the rounds maximize speed and capacity.

For quick and easy reloading, round reload canisters are linked to tactical rails. Separately, blasters and canisters are available. However, only Nerf Hyper blasters are compatible with Nerf Hyper rounds.

10. Space Jam: A New Legacy – Transforming Plush

Space Jam- A New Legacy – Transforming Plush


Hoop Buddies LeBron James is more than simply a 12″ plush doll of LeBron James in his Tune Squad Team uniform. By turning him inside out, this wonderful plush figure morphs into a plush Space Jam Basketball.

This huggable pet is composed of soft, luxurious fabrics and is ideal for cuddling as well as shooting hoops with

11. WowWee Got2Glow Fairy Finder

WowWee Got2Glow Fairy Finder


These magical jars can be used to collect fairies. Fairies can be concealed anywhere, including their bedroom, kitchen, yard, and even upside-down.

There are over 30 fairies to collect, with some fascinating rare ones thrown in for good measure. Fairies may be traded with friends, and children can learn exciting things about the fairies they gather through the app.


It’s easier to present a list of items that aren’t out of stock these days than it is to give a list of items that are. Backorders and bottlenecks in global supply chains have impacted practically every industry, including toys.

To save you time and frustration this Christmas season, I’ve compiled a list of the hottest toys of 2022 that you should consider purchasing now owing to shipping delays, as well as gifts to purchase before they sell out.

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