Best Toys that Don’t Take Up Space

For those living in small spaces, neat freaks and minimalists, wanting a toy that don’t take up space makes a lot of sense. One of the best ways kids learn is through play as it works on both their physical and cognitive development. Children can play anytime anywhere and need a bit of space to knock, build, move around, groove and try among others. This can be a problem for parents living in smaller spaces. Don’t fret, there are toys in the market that are multi-functional, compact and easy to store.

The best toys that don’t take up space include magnetic building sets, dollhouse, dustless chalk activities, balance board, interactive learn a language book, small dolls, double-sided play rug, play table and chair set just to mention a few.

Best Toys that Don’t Take Up Space

Here’s a round-up of some of the best toys that don’t take up space:

  1. Polly Pocket World Donut Pajama Party Compact

Polly Pocket World Donut Pajama Party Compact


Polly Pocket World Donut Pajama Party Compact Toy is shaped like a donut and features a living room world, micro Polly, surprise reveals, Shani dolls and Pizza scooter accessory. The TV button changes channels, the front door and refrigerator opens while the couch flips to reveal bunk beds. This toy guarantees hours of fun!

Polly stick technology lets the little one stick the dolls on the compact without falling off. The sticker is included in the sticker sheet and you can place it anywhere. It’s tiny but will give the little one a mighty adventure! It comes in different attractive colors and is compact enough for ease of storage and transportation anywhere anytime.

  1. Handheld Water Game by Yo Ya Toys

Handheld Water Game by Yo Ya Toys


Handheld Water Game by Yo Ya Toys comes in a pack of two in a compact mini retro pastime for both kids and adults. It will keep you entertained for hours as it’s a perfect pass time toy. This pack contains tow different water games that you can play alone or with a friend. Just as in the name, the toys are compact enough since they are handheld. They are not only fun to play with but also help relieve anxiety and stress. It features two buttons that create an airflow which in turn propels the tiny balls and rings.

The basketball and fish toss games will help calm your nerves when you feel stressed. What’s more, it perfect for all those above the age of five since it’s fun and challenging at the same time. The best thing about this toy is that it doesn’t require the use of batteries and neither does it need charging. You ae good to go anywhere anytime. It’s quite simple but fun!

  1. Play Circle by Battat – Princess Purse Style Set

Play Circle by Battat – Princess Purse Style Set


Play Circle by Battat is one of the best toys that don’t take up space ideal for little girls. It’s a play pretend handbag in a beautiful color and comes with stylish fashion accessories like toy makeup, credit card, lipstick, phone and keys perfectly sized to fit in small hands. The makeup compact opens up and has a mirror inside while the lipstick cap literally comes off. The handbag features an easy to open and close Velcro closure and is small yet big enough to accommodate all the items in a neat and tidy way.

Play Circle by Battat encourages creativity, role play while developing the child’s fine motor skills and social skills. The convenient packaging makes it ideal for stylish girls as it encourages healthy development. However, the sunglasses are not UV blocking so should only be used for pretend play only.

  1. Rindol Camera Compact for Child Little Hands

Rindol Camera Compact for Child Little Hands


Rindol Camera Compact Toy is pretty cute and is made of high-quality non-toxic and environment-friendly materials. It’s lightweight and compact, perfectly sized to fit into little hands. The toddler camera comes with 15 different frames and 6 magic filters, has three types of time-lapse, 4 times digital zoom and supports burst shooting which makes it one of the best toys that don’t take up space.  It typically inspires creative and imaginative skills and the kid gets to choose the scene and photo frame depending on the ideas that inspire them.

The toddler camera has round edges for safety and is portable for ease of carrying around.

  1. Binoculars for Kids

Binoculars for Kids


Binoculars for kids is easy to use, compact, lightweight and is equally shock-resistant. It’s a learning toy that also allows adventurous kids to explore. The binoculars is uniquely designed with the kid’s safety in mind as it features a shock-proof rubber coating, anti-friction and non-slip grip ideal for tiny hands. It has a crystal-clear magnification to provide crisp and colorful images with immaculate light transmission.

The kid can use the binoculars when hunting, bird watching, watching, hiking, camping, playing spy games among other outdoor activities. If you are looking for a fun and educational toy, then this binoculars for kids is your best bet.

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