Best Take Apart Toys for 1-Year Olds

Most toddlers derive pleasure in taking things apart and this is where the take apart toys come in. These toys are specially designed to be ripped apart and put back together. The best take apart toys for 1-year-olds helps keep them occupied for hours and promotes building, organizing and demolishing. Plus, it helps develop the child’s memory, concentration, fine and gross motor skills, hand-eye coordination and problem-solving skills.

Take apart toys also helps kids learn things like following instructions and exercising patience since identifying and locating the correct pieces takes time. Toddlers like taking things apart as it encourages curiosity and also helps them understand how things work.

Best Take Apart Toys for 1-Year Olds

Let’s look at some of the best take apart toys for 1-year olds:

  1. Building Blocks

Building blocks is an open-ended toy with a lot of playing opportunities for your one-year-old. The little one can use the building blocks to;

  • Make a tower, demolish it and repeat the process so many times until they get tired
  • Build a higher tower then topple it over
  • Make any creature with the building blocks take it apart and start again
  • Build a house or an obstacle course by piecing the blocks together then taking them apart piece-by-piece

Building blocks is a perfect choice for one-year-olds who love taking things apart. They are delicate on tiny fingers and the baby can handle them without help. They are equally safe and easy to demolish and build. Plus, you don’t have to worry about sharp edges, small and broken pieces flying off.  Some of the best building blocks you can try out include – Duplo Lego Sets, Magnetic Blocks, Toddler Foam Block Playset and The Block Set by Lovevery.

  1. Assembly Toys

One-year-olds cannot take up on huge projects just yet but you can always start them out on assembly toys. Start with the simple ones. Assembly toys are best suited for toddlers who like taking things apart since they are curious. Kids can assemble and disassemble these toys over and over until they get tired. The toy can be a car with some chunky parts or an animal with different body parts that they have to stick together.

Whichever assembly toy you opt for, just ensure it can be easily taken apart and put back in place. Here are some of the best assembly toys for one-year-olds that you can check out:

  • Skoolzy Peg Board Set
  • Bees and Me Buddies Interlocking Toys
  • Skoolzy Nuts and Bolts
  • Skoolzy Lacing Beads
  1. Toys that a 1-Year-Old can Organize

Most toddlers that love taking things apart also like organizing their little toys. It helps stimulate their curiosity, organize their small world and understand how things work. There’s a wide range of toys in the market specially designed to not only stimulate the toddler’s curiosity but also satisfy the desire they have to organize things. In this case, you can look for take apart toys that encourage sorting and organizing.

If the little one only prefers organizing, you can look for supplies around the house that can be organized when thrown together. Some of these toys include:

  • Templeton Bears Kit
  • Bee to Hive Matching Game
  • Flower Garden Building Toy
  1. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Toys

STEM toys are basically learning toys made with educational concepts geared towards learning and curiosity. These toys are ideal for children with a special interest when it comes to taking apart things. Assembling and disassembling is the main focus of STEM toys. They help you encourage the little one with quality toys that are not only fun but also educational. You can go for STEM toys that help develop exploration and problem-solving skills.

All toys that involve creating and building will help a great deal. However, parents need to remember that one-year-olds only want to play and have fun and that’s what the toy should be about. The little one might easily lose interest if you focus more on the outcome. Here are some STEM toys best suited for one-year-olds who love taking apart things:

  • ZoZoplay Pipes and Spouts
  • Brain Flakes Interlocking Disc Set
  • Rainbow Toy Frog Straw Constructor


With the best take apart toys for one-year-olds, you don’t have to worry about your child crashing things that you wouldn’t want to spend the whole day putting back.  You should also remember that it’s not entirely a bad thing as children tend to learn a lot in the process. It enhances their cognitive abilities, helps develop their hand-eye coordination, problem-solving and fine motor skills all this while helping them figure out how things really work.

Learning to put things back together might be frustrating for the little one at first, but with patience, they will develop the skills and confidence. Besides, parents also stand to benefit since they will enjoy some quiet time as the little ones keep themselves busy with the toys.

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