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Stomp Rocket Ultra Review (2020)

stomp rocket ultraThis is no ordinary Stomp Rocket, this is the Ultra Stomp Rocket. What makes it Ultra? I have no idea, but I do know this is a cool little toy. Actually, I think it is Ultra because the rockets are a little bigger and go a little higher than the junior version. When you get your hands on this kit, you will agree that it’s the best stomp rocket on the market This toy is a lot of fun and we have spent hours playing with this thing at our house.

Best Stomp Rocket

It is about as simple as a toy as you will find. You stomp on the launch pad which uses the air blast to propel the stomp rocket about 200 feet in the air. It comes with a flexible tube which is connected to a rectangular stomp pad made of plastic. The tube may look like one of those you’ll see in the best stethoscope 2020┬ámodels.

The tube end is then connected to one of the foam rockets. There is also a small plastic stand that serves as the launch pad.

Obviously the Ultra Stomp Rocket is ideally played with outside. When you are going for height, those 8-foot ceilings just seem to get in the way. However, on rainy days we have had a great indoor foam rocket battles. The rockets are lightweight foam, so you can play indoors and not worry about breaking things. But like I said, I think outdoors is best because you can spend hours adjusting and fine-tuning your blasts to try and get the rocket at just the right height you are looking for. Kids actually get very creative with the Ultra Stomp Rocket, figuring out different targets to hit and exactly how hard they need to stomp to … Read the rest


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