9 Best Speech Therapy Toys for 5-Year-Olds

Looking for the best speech therapy toys for 5-year old kids? Check these 9 options that parents with special needs children swear by.

Many high-tech gadgets are marketed to promote language development in young children. However, they are not the best way to improve a child’s receptive or expressive language skills.

Toys and games with a minimal level of technology but a high level of engagement are the ideal tools. This article will discuss nine speech therapy toys for 5 year old that will help kids with speech delay or slow language development.

9 Best Speech Therapy Toys For 5 Year Old

1. The Learning Journey: Match It! – Spelling

The Learning Journey Match It! Spelling Kit From Walmart


This colorful set of three-letter and four-letter puzzle cards introduces kids to the basics of spelling. They may learn to spell by correctly linking the object with the word and putting the jigsaw pieces together. Only cards in the correct sequence will fit together in the self-correcting puzzles.

2. DK Games: Silly Sentences

DK Games- Silly Sentences


This educational tool, developed in collaboration with early learning consultants, is the perfect game for practicing grammar skills gained in the first three years. It uses amusing puzzle pieces to help youngsters construct sentences—no matter how stupid their content.

Children and adults may enjoy these speech therapy toys for 5 year old as the younger players learn about nouns, verbs, adjectives, and more with the help of 124 color-coded cards and build an almost limitless number of sentences.

3. 50 First Words Flashcards: Scholastic Early Learners

50 First Words Flashcards- Scholastic Early Learners


50 First Words is a set of twenty-six enormous shaped flashcards meant to help children recognize and learn a range of important first words to be successful readers. The flashcards have an image on one side and the written word on the other.

Children will be introduced to first words from major first-concept topics such as colors, shapes, animals, and vehicles through entertaining, colorful illustrations, and clear word labels.

4. Speech Therapy For 0-5 Year-Olds

Speech Therapy For 0-5 Year-Olds


These speech therapy toys for 5 year old will make you discover how to use the power of games, books, and toys to enable your child’s voice to be heard, even if you feel entirely useless and out of ideas. Is your child’s speech and language development delayed, but you’re not sure what it means?

This Talking and Play Skills with 73 Games created by a Speech a Paperback can assist you and your child overcomes the problems that a speech and language delay entails.

5. Smart Teddy: Interactive Educational Toy

Smart Teddy- Interactive Educational Toy


Smart Teddy is a connected soft toy that assists parents in teaching and engaging their children while also encouraging them to establish good behaviors. Let’s face it: no parent enjoys instructing their child to clean their teeth for the forty-first time. Teddy bear can take care of it for you.

Teddy, the talking bear, can help with everything from mealtimes to hygiene to potty training to healthy everyday habits like tidying up toys. Smart Teddy may also teach children how to control their emotions, communicate with a trusted adult when they have a problem, and much more.

6. Yehtta Learning Toys

Yehtta Learning Toys


Yehtta Toddler flashcards are a learning tool for boys and girls aged 3 to 6 years old. In addition to the normal pronunciation of words, most of them will be accompanied by lifelike sound effects that will pique children’s interest in learning.

These instructive speech therapy toys for 5 year old can help protect children’s eyes by keeping them away from cell phones and computers.

7. Gilobaby Kids Robot Toy

Gilobaby Kids Robot Toy


When this robot toy is in voice control mode, kids may say things like, “Come here, can you dance, are you happy,” The robot will respond and do actions as instructed. If they say “goodbye” or “sleep” to the robot, it will turn off; to turn it back on, they need to push the talking recording button in the chest. Otherwise, the robot will not work.

8. Carson Dellosa Alphabet Flash Cards

Carson Dellosa Alphabet Flash Cards


Carson Dellosa Alphabet Flash Cards provide bright visuals and huge letters to help your children learn and practice letter recognition and letter-sound for reading comprehension and language arts proficiency.

These speech therapy toys for 5 year old make it simple to practice language arts concepts at home, in a small group setting, in the classroom, or while traveling. The resource cards are a terrific tool for engaging kids in interesting, interactive learning games, and the flashcards are designed with a glossy sheet to sort words for practice with your child quickly.

9. Plugo Letters by PlayShifu

Plugo Letters by PlayShifu


The Plugo Letters toy is an AR-powered word-building kit that combines the benefits of hands-on learning with the help of healthy screen time to allow youngsters to spell with alphabet tiles, expand their vocabulary, and improve their grammar with story-based spelling activities.

It features five free interactive games for Letters, each with more than 250 levels, making learning a lot of fun.


In this list of nine speech therapy toys for 5 year old, I recommend Plugo Letters by PlayShifu toy for any parent looking for toys to help their five-years-old kids with speech delays. It combines hands-on learning and healthy screen benefits to teach kids pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar.

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