Sit to Stand Learning Walker Review

Can the Sit to Stand Learning Walker for Baby really help toddlers take their first steps on all twos? Read on to find out more.

Sit to Stand Learning Walker


The early developmental milestones are so important and, as a parent, so exciting to watch. The transitions from sitting to standing to walking all seem to happen so fast. It is also a time when little ones take some nasty falls. The Vtech Sit To Stand Learning Walker is a great toy to help your child with standing and walking, and at the same time add in a little safety.

The Sit to Stand Learning Walker can be with your child all through these developmental milestones. The play panel can detach, so while your child is just learning to sit, you can detach the play panel and it’s a great toy for the floor. As your child begins to stand and walk the Sit to Stand Learning Walker will continue to entertain and help your child.

Some walkers can go way to fast and get away from your child. The Sit to Stand Learning Walker is perfect though because it won’t go too fast. It stays right with your child and even transitions easily between carpet and hard floors.

In our house, we have had two of these with our kids. They are great and I highly recommend the Sit to Stand Learning Walker. Plus I love that the play panel detaches, that way you can take it with you in the car. The play panel has so many things going on that kids really seem to love. It has piano keys that play music, spinning rollers, shape sorters, light-up buttons, telephone handset, spinning gears, and an open/close barn door. It has an educational mode and a music mode. So this really is several toys in one. Plus the low Amazon price is a great deal. Perfect for your child or as a great gift. Check it out!


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