What Are Some Safe Climbing Activities for Toddlers?

Climbing activities usually help promote toddlers gross motor skills and build their strength. This means full-body movements and muscle development. It’s always important to give the little ones a chance to try out new things and explore different body abilities. Starting climbing activities at an early age will put the young one on the right track in families where sports are important.

Physical activities keep toddlers active and healthy and there’s no easy way to do it than engaging in safe climbing activities. You can start out with no equipment or get climbing toys if you want a better experience. However, don’t introduce your toddler to climbing toys that are too advanced for a certain stage.

Climbing Activities for Toddlers

Let’s talk about some safe climbing activities for toddlers. For starters:

  1. Make An Obstacle Course Indoors

You can use the readily available materials in your house to make an obstacle course. Furniture and other household items with come in handy for these climbing activities. For instance,

  • Stacking up pillows
  • Crawling under the table
  • Walking across cushions
  • Using furniture to build a play fort
  • Making a wall using couch cushions
  • Climbing the stairs under adult supervision
  • Crawling through cardboard boxes


  1. Try Toddler Yoga

Most parents don’t even know about toddler yoga! Yes, it’s a thing. Yoga has a lot of benefits like:

  • Increasing balance and flexibility
  • Improving mental health and focus
  • It’s a healthy exercise
  • It helps strengthen muscles

The best thing about it is that you don’t need any equipment.

toddler yoga

You can use the kid’s yoga cards to get ideas about the exercise. Plus, it involves both the child and the parent. The floor will work just fine as long as the toddler is comfortable enough. For added comfort, use toddler’s yoga blocks and mats as they make the exercise more soothing.

  1. Try Building a Huge Block Tower

Toddlers love climbing blocks! Indoor block towers usually present a creative opportunity for the child to build problem-solving and cognitive skills. It’s a healthy activity that allows the little one reach low and high. You can use yoga blocks, couch cushions to build the giant block tower.

building a block tower with a toddler

If you can afford the giant block tower, go for cardboard or wooden building boxes. However, yoga blocks are best suited for toddlers and are equally safe. They are not only lightweight but also fluffy and typically stack like regular bricks. For starters, you only need two or for sets and you are good to go!

  1. Small Slide Sets

You can get a climbing playset if you have enough space. These climbing sets are usually made of sturdy yet durable plastic that the toddler can climb on. They additionally feature places to climb on, under, around and through. Plus, it comes with a mini slide, a climbing wall and a tiny basketball hoop.

Climbing Precautions and Safety Set-Up

Here’s how to ensure the climbing space is toddler-friendly and safe:

Lets’ start with some of the things to look out for and those to avoid. Preparing correctly reduces any chance of injury and provides a safe space for gross motor development.

  • You should always supervise your toddler when taking on these climbing activities
  • There are climbing activities suited for their stage of development. Avoid activities that are too advanced for the child
  • Ensure the toddler starts at the bottom at all times
  • Avoid climbing toys with sharp edges
  • For toddlers between ages 1-3 avoid climbing toys with small pieces that can easily choke them.
  • The playing area should be spacious enough whether indoors or outdoors
  • Always go for eco-friendly climbing toys that are safe for both toddlers and pets
  • Always buy age-appropriate play equipment and toys
  • For added comfort and extra security, try interlocking tiles or thick foam mats on hard surfaces

Safe Climbing Toys for Toddlers

  • Playhouses
  • Wobble Boards
  • Climbing Domes
  • Play Tunnels
  • Cushion Blocks
  • Indoor Jungle Gym
  • Pikler Triangle
  • Foam Blocks
  • Giant Building Blocks

Most of these climbing toys are lightweight and easy to assemble and disassemble. Plus, they offer different activities that are usually age appropriate. Following all the safety guidelines will allow your toddler to burn off excess energy and have fun while at it.

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