9 Best Occupational Therapy Toys for Fine Motor Skills

Occupational therapy toys for fine motor skills assist youngsters in moving and coordinating their arms, legs, and other body parts. They involve larger muscles that aid in bodily control.

A child with mobility, strength, or poor balance may appear clumsy or uncoordinated. They may also struggle with these issues.

Here are the best nine occupational therapy toys for fine motor skills if you seek occupational therapy toys for your child.

Nine Occupational Therapy Toys For Fine Motor Skills

1. Splash of Color Magnet Sorting Set

Splash of Color Magnet Sorting Set


This color sorting magnet activity can be used to work on a whiteboard in a variety of ways. Playing in this stance aids in the development of shoulder strength and stability, which are necessary for many of the daily duties that our children are expected to complete. To practice both visual motor and gross motor planning skills, place the pieces in your favorite gross motor obstacle course.

2. Hide and Seek Learning Tree House


This toy aids in the development of fundamental skills such as fine motor skills, number, color, shape recognition, and matching and sorting abilities. They may hide and seek with the five friendly animal stickers hidden behind each numbered door or challenge them to match the supplied apples to the door corresponding to their matching color, number, or form.

3. Smart Snacks Alpha Pops

Smart Snacks Alpha Pops


As your youngster matches the letters together, the alpha pops promote upper and lowercase letter recognition. Fine motor abilities and imaginative play are fantastic with these occupational therapy toys for fine motor skills. Each pop is double-sided, allowing for the inclusion of all letters of the alphabet. Pops come in 26 pieces and are self-checking by color.

4. Count & Color Choo Choo, Interactive Train Learning Toy

Count & Color Choo Choo, Interactive Train Learning Toy


A friendly conductor icon plugs right into the engine pulls a load of learning lessons with this engaging, interactive train set.

Sort the blocks by shape and color, count the total number of blocks found in the train, or practice fine motor skills by loading the pieces back into the correct railway cars. During free-play moments, they can stack and create with the blocks like construction toys.

5. Snap & Learn Counting Elephants

Snap & Learn Counting Elephants


Twenty-six colorful elephants with snap-together trunks and tails make learning language skills easy and fun with every letter of the alphabet with these educational toys for two year olds.

The Snap-N-Learn ABC elephants develop alongside children’s abilities; once they’ve mastered snapping elephants together in alphabetical order, they can use them to make simple phrases and improve basic language skills.

6. Gator Grabber Tweezers

Gater Grabbers Tweezers


The Gator Grabbers’ design encourages children to use their thumb and index finger in a pincer grip. It’s the same grip you’d use to hold a pencil.

When kids use these occupational therapy toys for fine motor skills to grab an object, they learn to regulate their hand muscles while applying just enough pressure to keep the object in the gator’s jaws.

7. Giant Magnetic Letter Construction

Giant Magnetic Letter Construction


This magnet set is one of the best occupational therapy toys for fine motor skills.  It helps your kid work on handwriting development. This set also will enable your kid to develop skills from the prewriting strokes in preschool, all the way to letter formation and handwriting in elementary school.

8. Counting Dino-Sorters Math Activity Set

Counting Dino-Sorters Math Activity Set


Learning becomes a fascinating, participatory game with this ancient occupational therapy toys for fine motor skills. As they match the young dinosaurs to the correct eggs, toddlers will practice counting, sorting, and number recognition. Alternatively, they can spend hours imaginatively playing with their new dinosaur friends. Fine motor abilities are also developed by cracking open and putting together egg shells. Ten two-piece dinosaur eggs and 55 dinosaur counters are included in the set.

9. Mental Blox Critical Thinking Game

Mental Blox Critical Thinking Game


This game is super versatile and can be adapted for use with children of a wide array of abilities.  The pieces can be used to work on 1:1 correspondence as well as visual-perceptual building skills. With your older kids, you are able to do “challenge levels” with them by flashing the cards, and see how well they can rebuild from memory.


Occupational therapy is a combination of exercises, procedures, and activities that help children develop the skills and forms they need to begin living on their own.

Many children require extensive assistance with fundamental daily routines such as brushing their teeth and putting on clothes, as well as school-related activities such as taking notes on the chalkboard or using simple equipment.

Their motor and sensory nodes do not respond or process at the same rate as other children’s. This makes them slower, causes them to make more mistakes than others, and has a significant impact on the youngster.

These nine best occupational therapy toys for fine motor skills will hel your kid develop skills easily and bring his or her to speed as well as boosting confidence when playing with her friends at home or school.

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