Best Math Toys for 11 Year Olds

Parents should consider investing in STEM toys when shopping for the best math toys for 11-year-olds. At this age, most kids are usually working to expand their knowledge of decimals, fractions and whole numbers. The main focus is for the child to be able to apply mathematical rules and concepts in solving mathematical problems in abstract formal algorithm and in real life.

Some 11-year-olds lack confidence at this stage that’s why it’s important to encourage them to ensure they are using the correct strategies. This is where the math toys come in.

Best Math Toys for 11 Year Olds

Here’s a round-up of some of the best math toys for 11-year-olds:

  1. Osmo Pizza Co. Game

Osmo Pizza Co. Game


Osmo Pizza Co. Game is a fun-filled learning game as the kids interact with real handheld pieces and an iPad to bring both the pieces and actions to life. The kid needs a fire pad or an iPad to play this game. 11-year-olds can make pizza for customers, sell to collect payment and make change. This helps them learn about profitability in a business. There are concepts that the kid can pick from the game including addition, subtraction mental math, fractions, communication skills and design. It’s both fun and educational.

The kid also gets to learn the math involved in running and growing a real business while having fun. It also helps improve their problem-solving skills, critical thinking ability, listening, observation, social interaction, creativity and some basic business concepts. Osmo is geared towards love of learning and children that’s why it’s one of the best math toys for 11-year-olds. Osmo enables learning continuation while the real-time visual feedback and audio allows the kids to learn through experimenting in a stress-free environment.

  1. Think Fun Math Dice Junior Game

Think Fun Math Dice Junior Game


Think Fun is a brand that’s known to manufacture mind challenging puzzles and games and the Math Dice Junior Game is no exception. It helps 11-year-olds learn math solving skills in a fun way and develop their critical thinking skills. It features a die, dice scoring track and an instructions guide. It comes in a convenient game-go bag for ease of storage.

When playing the child needs to roll the target die and the scoring dice then combine the scoring number using addition or subtraction. They can then move along the scoring track a space at a time for each die they use. The first one to reach the finish line wins. It’s one of the best toys for early math learners.

  1. How to be a Math Genius – Your Brilliant Brain and How to Train It

How to be a Math Genius – Your Brilliant Brain and How to Train It


How to be a Math Genius is an educational book that will help your 11-year-old to get better at numbers and math by using daily life skills. The kid also gets to learn new skills while having fun. The book helps expand the knowledge you already have, shows you how the brain figures out things and how to get better at solving mathematical problems.  Your 11-year-old can explore algebra, super sequences, special shapes and puzzling primes. The book introduces concepts and demystifies mathematical problems using cartoon-themed illustrations for a more fun experience without compromising on practicality.

Challenge your 11-year-old with questions to answer, codes to crack, geometrical illusions to inspire them and puzzles to solve. The book helps young children to train their minds to come out tops whether they are numbers nerds, math mastermind or clueless with calculations. The book also explains basic math ideas to help children trust their abilities to handle mathematical problems and numbers. It also helps them understand how and why math is important and equally exciting.

  1. Do the Math: Challenging, Fun Math Puzzles for Kids

Do the Math- Challenging, Fun Math Puzzles for Kids


Learning how to solve mathematical problems can be fun with this collection of interactive activities. From decoding cunning cryptogram to solving sudoku these challenges help teach 11-year-olds that math is not only engaging but also fun. It features more than 100 puzzles to teach young children the concept of addition, subtraction, division and multiplication. It also teaches them how to logic their way to solve mathematical problems. This amazing math puzzle helps 11-year-olds build problem-solving and logical thinking skills.

It helps build core math skills that helps young children succeed in school and beyond without compromising on the fun aspect. It features different types of puzzles that allows kids to explore mathematics from different angles with logic puzzles, cryptograms, sudoku and patterns among others. It challenges them progressively as the puzzles get harder as they proceed. This helps them forge ahead by looking at how far they’ve come. What’s more, it comes with an instruction guide that ensures the only hard thing about the puzzle is finding out the answers.

Do the Math: Challenging Fun Math Puzzles for Kids is one of the best math toys for 11-year-olds.

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