10 Best Toys for Nonverbal Autism

Which are the best toys for nonverbal autism kids and adults? Read this article to find out.

It is essential to help children with autism to show their feelings, and you can achieve this with therapy, love, and toys.

Choosing toys for children with nonverbal autism can be tricky. This is because the kids tend to show less interest in toys and may be sensitive to some specific materials, colors, and textures. Some kids may develop rashes that are similar to the heat rash under the breast that some women experience from time to time.

What to Consider Before Buying Toys for Kids with Nonverbal Autism

However, after carrying out comprehensive research, we were able to come up with some good toys for nonverbal autistic kids.  Take these tips into account before picking the toys;

a)      Social Interactions

One thing you should give importance to when you out shopping for toys for nonverbal autistic kids, choose a toy that will encourage them to interact socially. Get a toy will energize and make them want to exercise like moving, physical recreation, and singing.

Interestingly, this type of toy gets the child carried away; then they flow with the surrounding unknowingly. In no time, they begin to repeat the words in a song or even toy.

b)      Tactile Experience

Give the child assorted toys which involve more than two people.  It will require the parent to pay attention since their presence could help the child focus and helps you take note of your child’s improvement.

You can also get toys that have different textures, colors, and shapes. Usually, we recommend a game with question and answers.

At first, the kid might be unable to answer orally, and would maybe prefer pointing the answers. But after playing the game several times, he will reply.

c)       Go for Imitation and Logical Toys

An imitation game would be ideal for children who can’t talk. Such a game can be a channel through which the nonverbal autistic kids would learn to interact and work on their communication skills.

A different way of catching the attention of kids with nonverbal autism is introducing them to toys that are cause and effect. The game would give them some positive vibes of mindfulness, and this would, in turn, boost how they respond to things.

Benefits of Toys for Nonverbal Autism

How will these toys benefit a child with nonverbal autism?

  • Social Engagement – This shows the child’s interaction with people
  • Cognition – Shows how the kid learns and thinks
  • Receptive Language – This depicts the understanding of the child to what he hears
  • Expressive Skills – What the child uses to communicate like, words or gestures and his ability to understand

These benefits have all been taken into consideration when picking the appropriate toys for adults, kids, preschoolers, and teenagers.

9 Best Toys for Nonverbal Autism (For Both Kids and Adults)

#1.  MKgames Feelings – Matching and Memory Card Game

Matching Memory Card Game


MKgames came forth with this game for people with autism to help in expressing themselves.

The aim of this game is recognizing the expression of the feeling in the card and name it.

Additionally, you can imitate the facial expressions on these cards, creating more fun between more than two people. The toy is in such a way that enhances concentration, visual memory, and speech.

The game promotes cognitive skills and social interaction. It also strengthens the family bond.

However, you might find that some feelings on the card are just vague.

#2.  LOOBANI Assorted Brain Teasers Metal Wire IQ Puzzles



This puzzle toy is for intelligent kids. It is a mechanical puzzle which involves disentangling the pieces from the set.

More so, putting the toys back together is difficult compared to untangling. Therefore, it requires patience and a lot of focus.

This game helps in building logical skills and also aids in promoting cognitive skills. The toy has thirty pieces of metal kit in the box, a manual of instructions, and a non-woven bag.

The game helps to reduce anxiety, encourages concentration, develops cognitive skills, and smooth edges.

It’s, however unfit for children below six years.

#3.  Wikki Stix Multi-Sensory Resource Kit

Wikki Stix Multi Sensory Resource


This toy has several activities for children and teens. It assures you of the sensory and tactile experience.

The kit has 6 activity cards, a construction grid board, learning structure, therapy bag, and a resource manual.

  • Honestly, this entire toy promotes cognition, social interaction, and motor skills.
  • Inspires imagination and creativity, aids in bonding, and also develop social interaction.
  • Inappropriate for kids under the age of three.

#4.  True Balance Educational STEM Toy

TrueBalance Educational


Can you balance it? True Balance STEM Toy is ideal for both children and adults. You can use this toy to have fun together with your child, and also it encourages social interaction.

Stacking the magnet disc to create a tower is all you got to do.

Although it may not be entirely easy like it sounds, this toy will aid in reducing stress and increasing your skills of concentration. Trust this toy for your child’s communication and social skills.

It’s a family toy, stimulates senses, and encourages focus.

#5.  Charades Kids on Stage Tin

Charades Kids on Stage Tin


Children get to act on stage using this drama charades toy. This toy is flexible and lets your child to will-hop just like bunnies, pretend they are flying like airplanes, and also play a jump rope, which exists only in their imagination as they get to show their skills in acting.

Since this game has several activities, it is perfect for building the child’s communication skills and is suitable for nonverbal autistic kids.

The toy has a game board which has a spinner, 20 Green Object Cards, Blue Animal Cards, Red Action Cards, and Six playing pieces. You have to relax, and the child chooses an act then express themselves.

This game encourages creativity, is simple to understand, and helps in developing communication skills.

#6.  Bounce Battle Premium Wood Edition Game Set

Bounce Battle Premium Wood Edition


The Bounce Battle is a strategic toy which helps promote communication skills and also enhances their social interaction.

The toy is simple to use, choose a color, squarely place the cube game then put yourself to win and bounce.

Fortunately, since the aim of this game is to help children with nonverbal autism, it’s advisable to get more than two players to play the game. Moreover, you can pick a team.

This game will make your child’s communication skills to increase.

It’s quite simple to learn, promotes creativity, tournament, or multiplayer style.


Educational Board Games for Families and Kids


This toy is interactive and teaches children about the country, continent, and flags. It will help children learn geography and pronunciation as they play.

Interestingly, the game will help promote your child’s social interactive skills since it requires more than two people to play.

Aside from being interactive, it’s also simple to play, boosts self-confidence, and is educative.

This game encourages family bonding, improves the child’s communication skills, aids in social interaction, and will help the child know the world.

#8.  BettRoom Toddler Wooden Educational Toys

BettRoom Toddler Toys Wooden Educational Preschool Shape Color Recognition Geometric Board Block


Toddler Wooden toy is one of the best products from a known brand – BettRoom. The wooden toy is made to meet the description of a kid with nonverbal autism. It aids in promoting intellectual and physical development of the child; it also encourages creativity, can learn counting, shapes, and colors.

However, you can help improve your kid’s social skills by joining them in sorting the geometric block, which is on the stack.

The game helps boost self-confidence and creativity. It’s also safe to use since it’s not toxic.

#9.  Puzzle with Me

Puzzle With Me


This toy helps promote concentration and also calm people with autism. It is a family toy.

The puzzle at the beginning seems easy, but as you advance, it gets tough, and you might probably need other people to help out.

This game challenges the brain and also nurtures cognitive development. This game will increase your expressive skills, cognition, and social interaction.

This game helps reduce anxiety, enhances the child’s communication skills while making you use your quality time properly.

#10.  Conversation Starter Game

Conversation Starter Game


This game gives nonverbal autistic teenagers to get out of their comfort zone. The game is quite easy and straightforward and would only require attention and some materials which you will use to write.

Here is how you play – Get some set of combination, blank, and question cards for writing personal messages and the fill-in-the-blanks cards which those who send could place into the mailbox.

If you see the flag up, that means the recipient has a message waiting. Using this way of communication, it will keep the conversation between two people flowing for a long time.

Moreover, this game would help in developing your kid’s writing and interactive skills. The children who are good at this game are said to be the best when it comes to writing essays. You may want to avoid wearing colorful clothes, such as bras with decorative straps, when playing this game with an autistic child that is affected by bright colors.

The conversation starter game allows you to ask open-ended questions, you can use it anywhere, and aids in promoting the child’s communication skills.


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