Best Toys for 3-Year-Olds with Nonverbal Autism

Autistic kids are no different from other kids and they just want to play. However, the best toys for 3-year-olds with non-verbal autism should be developmentally appropriate and encourage exploration through play.

Best Toys for 3-Year-Olds with Nonverbal Autism

Here’s a round-up of some of the best toys for 3-year-olds with non-verbal autism;

  1. Leapfrog Alphabet Phonics Bus

Leapfrog Alphabet Phonics Bus


Your 3-year-old will learn a number of words with this toy. There are words with each alphabetical letter which makes it one of the best toys for 3-year-olds with non-verbal autism. Children love toys that they can touch and interact with or press a button and hear a response and Leapfrog Alphabet Phonics Bus checks all those boxes. It has a lot of language developmental benefits and is also a tactile toy.

Leapfrog Alphabet Phonics Bus features alphabet letters on the side. The little one can press the letters to listen to animal names that starts with the particular letter pressed. When they choose the gameplay mode, they help the animals get off the bus while the music mode allows them to listen the songs.

  1. Plastic Visual ASD Now, Next and Later Board

Plastic Visual ASD Now, Next and Later Board


Plastic Visual ASD Now, Next and Later Board can be used in a classroom. Autistic kids usually find comfort in structures as it helps them focus and also helps reduce anxiety. Plus, most of them respond well to this toy especially when they play the game every morning. The board has both visuals and words to help 3-year-olds with non-verbal autism to associate each word with an action.

Plastic Visual ASD Now, Next and Later Board also comes with a huge box of images with different activities that is quite handy. Get the child to pick an activity that they wish to try or line up the activities and show it to them. Remember to constantly model language to the kid when using the board. Always say the words clearly when pointing the images. If you change the activity, return to the board and show the kid what you intend to do and don’t forget to model language every time you are done with an activity.

  1. Touch & Teach Word Book

VTech Touch & Teach Word Book


Touch & Teach Word Book is ideal for 3-year-olds with non-verbal autism since it helps in language development. With this toy, the kid clicks on an image to hear the words. Plus, it’s an actual page-turner which is a bonus since kids love turning pages. The child will also be able to associate images and words. It’s a great way for non-verbal autistic kids to learn verbal words in a controlled, quiet and safe environment. What’s more, it’s easy to use and the little ones get to listen to some easy words like grass, ladder, tunnel and clock among others.

Touch & Teach Word Book has over 15 melodies, 90 sounds and 100 words that the little ones can discover in the 12-page book. It also comes with an instruction guide that lets you turn the book into a game like Find It Quiz Game or What’s that Word? This way, you can help your 3-year-old familiarize with a number of common words.

  1. Call & Chat Learning Phone

Call & Chat Learning Phone


From a tender age, children usually associate phones with talking and this is where the Call & Chat Learning Phone comes in the picture. It helps with language development since each of the buttons typically says a new word. It works well for 3-year-olds with non-verbal autism as it not only gets them to listen but also take in commands.

Call & Chat Learning Phone has several buttons that the child can press and listen to the words. It’s literally a talking phone that both functional and fun. They’ll also love the animated bird that asks questions. It has ten different educational games that helps the child learn letter ordering, time and numbers. In overall, the phone is perfect for acquisition skills and language expression.

  1. Interactive Alphabet Wall Poster

Interactive Alphabet Wall Poster


Interactive Alphabet Wall Poster has a number of games that involves talking. The child presses letters to compete in different games or play sounds. The words and images are close together so the poster talks when you press them. This toy supports association of words. It literally guides you through the games to play and also has songs you can listen to.

The funniest part is that the Interactive Alphabet Wall Poster will talk to you occasionally and ask if you want to play even when you are just passing by. Plus, it easy to set up and comes with hooks and wall adhesives.

  1. The Original Mood Flip Book for Kids

The Original Mood Flip Book for Kids


The Original Mood Flip Book for Kids allows non-verbal autistic kids to express their moods without necessarily talking. The book helps in emotional expression and language development.

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