Best Toys for 10-Year Olds with Nonverbal Autism

Finding the best toys for 10-year olds with non-verbal autism is quite challenging since you are only looking for what’s best for them. You need a toy that is both functional and fun. They can find regular toys fascinating but have trouble communicating their likes and dislikes.

Best Toys for 10-Year Olds with NonVerbal Autism

Here’s a round-up of some of the best toys for 10-year-olds with non-verbal autism:

  1. Flying Saucer Swing for Kids

Flying Saucer Swing for Kids


Flying Saucer Swing is one of the best toys for 10-year-olds with non-verbal autism. It usually helps improve muscle strength, gross-motor skills and balance practice. The child can use it alone or with their friends. It has an adjustable height and made of high-quality coast-guard material that makes it easy to install in an outdoor or indoor setting.

  1. Outtree Sensory Swing

Outtree Sensory Swing


Outtree Sensory Swing is ideal for calming down. It’s a cuddly, snuggly seat that will help soothe your 10-year-old and provides a safe space for some alone time both indoors and outdoors. It’s more than a swing, seat or sensory toy. You can hang it where the child prefers since it’s lightweight and compact enough for ease of storage and transportation. Carry the swing along when you are travelling to give the kid a familiar place to relieve anxiety and stress. It also helps them recharge and be alone in a space with a lot of people.

However, setting it up can be a bit of a hassle especially if you are not handy. You’ll also need sturdy and durable set of bolts and crews for mounting.

  1. ASD Feeling Board and Keyring

ASD Feeling Board and Keyring


ASD Feeling Board and Keyring is a toy that doubles up as a communication tool. It’s one of the best communication toys for 10-year-olds with non-verbal autism as it helps them channel out their feelings and needs. It features a key ring for outdoor use and a board for indoor use. It’s typically a simple board with color-coded numbers, faces and words. The Velcro fasteners attach the me card.

ASD Feeling Board and Keyring is perfect for 10-year-olds who find trouble communicating their feelings. It helps make them feel more comfortable responding or asking out for help. Most kids especially love the tiny keyring with words and faces as it makes it easy for them to show people what they feel. That way, this toy helps the child learn how to function in different social situations.

For better results, parents can try role playing. The words, colors and numbers also play a significant role in enhancing their cognitive skills.

  1. Wily Fox Montessori Toy

Wily Fox Montessori Toy


Wily Fox Montessori Toy is a simple game yet wildly exciting. It encourages interactivity, free play and story telling which is important kids with non-verbal autism. The toy nudges 10-year-olds to not only explore but also verbalize answers to various questions. The kid will have fun trying to find their way through the world of forests, farms, oceans and jungles while solving problems.

The set comes with 36 different animal flashcards that the child can use to practice visual and logic skills. You can improvise in so many ways and engage the kid through storytelling and also asking questions about the animals and mimicking the sounds they make. Wily Fox Montessori Toy is one of the best toys for 10-year-olds with non-verbal autism.

  1. Melissa & Doug See and Spell

Melissa & Doug See and Spell Game


This is an old-school toy for kids with non-verbal autism that typically exercises and engages language, interactivity, focus and fine motor skills. Your 10-year-old will not only practice social skills but also expand their vocabulary. This toy is all about matching letters with shapes then pairing them with pictures. Language usually works in different ways as evident with this developmental toy.

The best thing about this toy is that its ideal for teamwork and socializing. The little ones can team up with their siblings or friends and learn about the value and beauty of togetherness.

  1. ThinkPsych Flash Cards

ThinkPysch Flash Cards


ThinkPsych Flash Cards is the best toy for 10-year-olds with non-verbal autism. This 20-piece toy kit helps improve the child’s cognitive skills and also train their memory. The toy typically addresses the problem that autistic kids have about not being able to express their feelings. In this case, role playing and imitation comes in handy as it helps promote communication between the kids and their parents.

Parents can start off by imitating different facial expressions on the memory cards. Get the kid to try describing any emotion after repeating several times. It’s even easier for 10-year-olds as they can simply pick a card that describes how they feel. Plus, since the kid can converse and make phrases, you can even ask them to name a particular feeling since they are certainly aware of the things around them.

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