Loving Your Baby: 10 Dolls Every Mini-Mommy Should Have

The smile on a baby’s face is just to die for. A perfect baby doll to act as a companion for your little one can make this smile last forever. Here are 12 dolls that will create a lasting impression on your kid’s social behavior.

Circo Sweet Dream Baby Doll – 15$

Not only is this sweet doll affordable than most others, it also makes for the perfect starter doll for your baby. She comes with a teddy bear for cuddling and her own pacifier.

Baby Alive Better Now Bailey – 25$

The Baily baby doll will boost your little one’s self-esteem as she can practice taking care of a ‘baby’. Your babh can change her wet diaper after a bottle. The doll also comes with a stethoscope and a thermometer for doctor checkups.

Melisa $ Doug Mine to Love Jenna Baby Doll – 21$

No other doll will make your new mom feel so much affection like Jenna. Her face, legs and arms wipe clean and she is easy to carry around. It will definitely be love at first sight when your baby meets Jenna.

Kathe Kruse Nickibaby Doll – 23$

Kathe Kuse Nickibaby is made in Germany. She has a beanbag body and comes wrapped in cuddly cotton velour. Her small size makes it perfect to carry along during travel as you can easily pack it in a diaper bag or tuck her into a car seat


Amy Coe by Lola Doll (A North American Bear Company) – 29$

In her play age, your baby loves to copy every little thing you do. She develops a sense of responsibility and motherly instincts kick in as she watches you take care of her. At this age, you shouldn’t be thinking of buying her cute dresses online. It’s dolls age!

Lola Doll’s newest doll invention will be a heart-breaker for your kid. This is a new generation soft doll that comes in pint-sized clothes designed by the designers’ own line of kids’ wear. The doll has a screen-printed chevron tattoo on the left arm.

HABA Clara Doll – 30$

Clara is easy to carry around ,even on travel, and easy to keep clean. She is soft from hair to toe and her hair strands won’t get tangled up in the washing machine. Clara has removable dress, shoes and headband. Her eyes are embroidered on so they are not a choking hazard.

Pottery Barn Kids Doll Collection – 39$ each

The Pottery Barn Kids’ doll collection is a perfect combination of both modern styling and old-fashion charm. The dolls have soft cotton-knit bodies with sweet handmade faces. These dolls come dressed in a hip sweatshirt-and-tulle dress, making them look just like real babies.

Corolle Mon Premier Baby Calin Naima Doll – 40$

These vanilla scented sweet French dolls have real-human features. They are 12-inch in size, with a soft, beanbag body. This will definitely make for a perfect first doll for your little mom. It also comes with adorable accessories.

JC Toys La Newborn First Day Real Boy Doll – 40$

This newborn French doll is as real as it gets. It has a washable body and jointed neck, shoulders and hips that make it easy for your baby to dress up.

American Girl Bitty Baby Dolls – 60$

Bitty baby dolls are created for babies aged 3 years and above. They come as a pair of six with different combinations of hair and eye color, and skin tone. Your tot will definitely find one that resembles them.


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