9 Best Speech Therapy Toys for 3-Year-Olds

Toys have evolved to feature new and imaginative building and pretend play concepts. Here are nine excellent toys for at-home speech therapy and therapists aiming to enhance play, language, social skills and keep kids stay safe all the time as they grow.

Nine Best Speech Therapy Toys For 3 Year Olds

1. Best Learning Inno Pad Smart Fun Lessons



This interactive STEM media pad combines reading and learning activities with a diverse set of 16 activity pages to keep kids entertained for hours. This toy is an interactive and portable toy that provides youngsters with a fun method to explore the alphabet, spelling, numbers, time, colors, forms, weather, emotions, transportation, animals, vocations, music, and more through several modes.

The alphabet, numbers, time, colors, fruits, forms, animals, weathers, emotions, vocations, music, transportation, and problem-solving are among the skills that children will acquire.

2. Hape Mighty Echo Microphone

Hape Mighty Echo Microphone


With the Hape powerful Echo microphone, your child’s inner pop star can shine. Encourage their musicality and allow them to sing to their hearts’ content without driving you insane with excessive volume.

The powerful microphone will motivate your youngster to master specific abilities, such as speech and theatre, as well as singing. These best speech therapy toys for 3 year olds also assist in nourishing and developing children’s natural abilities at every stage of their development.

3. Multilingual AI Smart Kids Educational Companion Toy

Multilingual AI Smart Kids Educational Companion Toy


ROYBI Robot’s cutting-edge technology and broad content enable parents to give their children the academic head start they deserve. Daily educational classes ensure that youngsters of all academic levels succeed in their studies through conversation, repetition, and encouragement.

ROYBI toy is a pleasant kid robot that teaches languages (English, Spanish, and Chinese) and Math, Science, and Technology to youngsters (STEM). It improves children’s language, communication skills, creative thinking, and problem-solving abilities while reducing passive screen time.

4. LeapFrog Dino’s Delightful Day Alphabet Book

LeapFrog Dino's Delightful Day Alphabet Book


Phonetic sounds in this toy introduce ABCs to your little one through a lovely tale, letters, and words woven throughout the story in alphabetical sequence. To hear the narrative read aloud, flip through the 16 interactive pages, or enjoy the musical play by grooving to a song with interesting sounds and musical notes.

This complete story, which includes a beginning, middle, and finish, introduces your youngster to basic reading abilities. To hear letter names, letter sounds, and words from the story, press the light-up button. Counting and recognizing numbers from one to 10 are introduced through the number buttons on Dino’s back.

5. Early Learning Toy Book

Early Learning Toy Book


This Busy Book Preschool Learning Toys helps toddlers grasp thinking, detect colors, and improve analytical knowledge by bridging the gap between learning and play. These best speech therapy toys for 3 year olds contain the most important information and content for kids.

Colors, letters, numbers, rainbow, shapes, dinosaurs, vehicles, weather, match the pictures, facial cognition, vegetables, fruits, and planets are among the 12 topics for toddler learning activities ages 2-4.

6. Teacher Rachel’s Educational Flash Cards for Toddlers

Teacher Rachel's Educational Flash Cards for Toddlers


Unleashing the Genius in your children entails more than just teaching them the ABCs and 123s. Toddlers need to be taught basic life skills, which is why this set of 182 Pre-K-K Cards St contains a unique pack that covers manners, greetings, feelings, and the weather.

Join Elky as she embarks on a delightful learning adventure with interactive graphical flashcards covering first words, alphabet, shapes, colors, and numbers. You will experience a novel approach to teaching young minds about literacy and problem-solving skills.

7. Talking Penguin Plush Toy

Talking Penguin Plush Toy


The talking penguin will repeat whatever kids say, including laughter, singing, imitating their speeches, and speaking in any other language. Kids enjoy how these best speech therapy toys for 3 year olds moves her head up and down while repeating what they say, resulting in a lot of entertainment.

8. Hopearl Talking Unicorn Toy

Hopearl Talking Unicorn Toy


This is a magical unicorn with the ability to talk and node. It can duplicate sound around it, regardless of whether you laugh, sing, or speak English or any other language. This toy can transform the sound’s original timbre to produce a comical, high-pitched, and adorable voice. It’s an elegant unicorn when it’s still. It can constantly turn the node head while speaking to make your youngster delighted after opening the switch.

This unicorn is an excellent learning aid since it encourages your children to exercise their imagination, strengthen imitative abilities, and study speaking, singing, and nodding in the most amusing way possible.

9. Xcellency Electronic Dancing Cactus Toy

Xcellency Electronic Dancing Cactus Toy


If you’re searching for a fun speech therapy toy, you’ve come to the right place. This cactus toy is dancing, making wonderful lighting colors, and singing up to 60 songs, but the funniest thing is that the cactus plush can repeat what you say like a parrot.

This toy is made to look like a real cactus in a beautiful flowerpot, complete with a smiling humorous face and large eyes, as well as Mexican clothing.


These nine best speech therapy toys for 3 year olds are made specifically for children with special needs to capture their attention and provide the right motivation for play and participation in language therapy to address children’s development of their play skills, cognitive skills, motor skills, and speech and language skills.

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