9 Best Musical Toys for 1 Year Olds in UK

Looking for the best musical toys for 1 year olds in UK? Here are 9 options that you cannot go wrong with.

Musical toys help children develop healthy brain activity by assisting neurons to become more efficient at sending signals, which leads to faster and more efficient information processing.

Because one-year-old children are at the critical age where their brains are developing, and musical toys are highly recommended for them, here is a list of the best nine musical toys for 1 year old UK.

9 Best Musical Toys For 1 Year Old UK

1. Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Storybook Rhymes Book

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Storybook Rhymes Book


The Laugh & Learn Storybook Rhymes musical book toy will introduce your baby to a world of fun and learning. With vibrant pictures portraying Puppy and Sis, turning the page triggers childhood favorites like “Pat-a-Cake” or “Row, Row, Row Your Boat.”

Your baby will learn about counting, first words, alphabet, numbers, shapes, and more while you and your little one are bopping along to the music! Storybook Rhymes comes with an easy-to-carry handle, so you can take it with you and your tiny cuddle-bug everywhere you go.

2. LeapFrog Learning Friends 100 Words Baby Book Educational

LeapFrog Learning Friends 100 Words Baby Book Educational


Your one-year-old child may join animal buddies Turtle, Tiger, and Monkey as they learn new words in the Learning Friends 100 Words Book. Your toddler will enjoy exploring the brightly colored pages and touching each picture to hear the animals recite toddler-friendly language as well as intriguing facts and sound effects.

These best musical toys for 1 year old UK also allow parents to immerse their children in bilingual play by allowing them to hear the lyrics, songs, and directions in French by sliding the language switch. Toddlers can click the light-up star button to hear two learning songs or touch the graphics to hear humorous sound effects in Fun sounds mode.

3. LeapFrog Scout’s Learning Lights Remote

LeapFrog Scout's Learning Lights Remote Deluxe


While developing fine motor skills, Your toddler will develop fine motor skills while exploring all 17 buttons on these learning remotes to hear over 100 phrases, sounds, and music. They can also switch between modes to engage in roleplaying fun or learn about numbers and letters.

Imaginative play is encouraged with silly pretend channels such as the French channel, which features common French phrases, the music channel, which features three distinct music styles to listen to and dance to; and the weather channel, which features rain, snow, and wind sound effects.

4. Zapf Creation Baby Annabell Sweetie 30 cm Doll

Zapf Creation Baby Annabell Sweetie 30 cm Doll


Baby Annabell Sweetie is ideal for helping a baby form a beautiful bond with their first doll. The doll’s body is soft and fluffy, and she wears a pastel romper with Baby Annabell’s favorite little sheep.

Roleplay with Baby Annabell stimulates the imagination while also promoting the development of social skills and values like responsibility, communication, and empathy.

5. VTech Baby Feed Me Dino

VTech Baby Feed Me Dino


Dino comes with two play modes, five press buttons that introduce numbers, counting, music notes, and shapes, and a light-up head button activates a question and answers game to stimulate play and repetition learning.

Eight brightly colored food pieces are included to feed your dino as he learns about different meals and colors. Over 100 melodies, sounds, and entertaining phrases can be heard by spinning the disc on the dino’s back. More exciting sound effects and melodies will be triggered if you push or pull the dino. Encourages language development, as well as curiosity and discovery.

6. Fisher-Price Chatter Telephone

Fisher-Price Chatter Telephone


The Fisher-Price Chatter Telephone helps your baby chat and stroll like a pro with its pleasant face, spinning dial, engaging ringing-phone noises, and eyes that move up and down as you pull it along.

As they pull this phone along, the baby can walk the walk, and speak the talk, boosting gross motor skills along the way. Bright colors, “blinking” eyes, and entertaining phone sounds will pique a baby’s interest.

7. BEST LEARNING Learning Cube



With a single press, your one-year-old explorer can discover six functions on the Learning Cube. As they learn about the alphabet, numbers, colors, animal sounds, musical instruments, and exciting music, each press is full of surprises that make your toddler enjoy many hours of entertainment.

This educational toy does an excellent job of enthralling children, stimulating and satisfying their curiosity with important sights, sounds, songs, and facts. The Learning Cube’s high level of engagement is a major aspect in its capacity to keep kids focused for long periods.

8. Celecstan Educational Tablet Toy for Kids to Learn Music

Celecstan Educational Tablet Toy for Kids to Learn Music


This educational computer offers music, stories, words, calculations, and other vast knowledge learning, high-quality learning content, and you can start the child’s interactive learning adventure with just a touch of your fingertips, keeping the youngster away from the TV and mobile phone. Children’s visual and visual interaction is stimulated by radiation.

9. VTech Sing-Along Microphone for Kids

VTech Sing-Along Microphone for Kids


The Sing-Along Microphone uses engaging sound effects and sing-along tunes to introduce animals and their sounds. Turn the ring to hear the animals sing, and then push the style button to select from classical, jazzy, or rock ‘n roll music! The microphone also functions as an interactive rattle with a motion sensor that activates sound effects when the ring is turned.


These nine best musical toys for 1 year old UK not only accelerate brain development in toddlers but also help build fine and gross motor skills, support sensory development, and enhance eye-hand coordination.

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