Can the Sit to Stand Learning Walker for Baby really help toddlers take their first steps on all twos? Read on to find out more.

Sit to Stand Learning Walker

The early developmental milestones are so important and, as a parent, so exciting to watch. The transitions from sitting to standing to walking all seem to happen so fast. It is also a time when little ones take some nasty falls. The Vtech Sit To Stand Learning Walker is a great toy to help your child with standing and walking, and at the same time add in a little safety.

The Sit to Stand Learning Walker can be with your child all through these developmental milestones. The play panel can detach, so while your child is just learning to sit, you can detach the play panel and it’s a great toy for the floor. As your child begins to stand and walk the Sit to Stand Learning Walker will continue to entertain and help your child.

Some walk...

Looking for the best baby dolls for toddler girls? We’ve curated 10 dolls that every 3, 4, and 6-year old will love. Read on.

The smile on a baby’s face is just to die for. A perfect baby doll to act as a companion for your little one can make this smile last forever. Here are 12 dolls that will create a lasting impression on your kid’s social behavior.

Best Baby Dolls for Toddler Girl

#1. Circo Sweet Dream Baby Doll

Circo Sweet Dream Baby Doll

Not only is this sweet doll affordable than most others, but it also makes for the perfect starter doll for your baby. She comes with a teddy bear for cuddling and her own pacifier.

#2. Baby Alive Better Now Bailey


Which are the best toys for non verbal autism kids and adults? Read this article to find out.

It is essential to help children with autism to show their feelings, and you can achieve this with therapy, love, and toys.

Choosing toys for children with nonverbal autism can be tricky. This is because the kids tend to show less interest in toys and may be sensitive to some specific materials, colors, and textures. Some kids may develop rashes that are similar to the heat rash under the breast that some women experience from time to time.

What to Consider Before Buying Toys for Kids with Nonverbal Autism

However, after carrying out comprehensive research, we were able to come up with some good toys for nonverbal autistic kids.  Take these tips into account before picking the toys;

a)      Social Interactions

One thing you should give importance to when you out shopping for toys for nonverbal autistic kids, choose a toy that will encourage them to interact socially. Get a toy will energize and make them want to exercise like moving, physical recreation, and singing.

Interestingly, this type of toy gets the child carried away; then they flow with the surrounding unknowingly. In no time, they begin to repeat the words in a song or even toy.

b)      Tactile Experience

Give the child assorted toys which involve mo...

WowWee Paper Jamz Pro Mic Series - Style 3

If you’ve got a little rock star in your house then you need this toy. Any kid who loves to sing and pretend to be a rock star will love this.

It’s basically a microphone and an effects mixer, but it is specifically designed to work with the most popular songs. It comes preloaded with 2 songs, but you can also add your own. Any song will work, but in order to be able to fully utilize all the effects then you need the songs that are on their list of songs. Don’t worry if that sounds limiting. There are new songs added all the time and if you want a specific song that they don’t have then they have a request form on their site and you can request any song.

In order to add your own songs you have to go to their websit...

Should you buy the Fisher Price Say Please Tea Set? Read on to find out what you should expect if you are planning to buy.

Fisher Price

No child’s toy chest would be complete without a Say Please Tea Set. Toy tea sets have been around forever, but this a much-improved tea set specifically geared toward babies and toddlers.

The Say Please Tea Set is full of musical surprises that every baby loves. The musical fun starts when you open the teapot lid and hear a greeting and different sounds. Pressing the tea bag will get more sounds and a sing-along song.

The Say Please Tea Set helps little ones in developing their social skills. The sing-along songs teach things about sharing and manners. It has 3 tea time treats in the shape of a circle, square, and triangle, fitting perfectly on the matching sections of the serving plate to encourage problem-solving play and shape sorting. There are 3 play modes: imagination, music, and learning. It has 3...

stomp rocket ultraThis is no ordinary Stomp Rocket, this is the Ultra Stomp Rocket. What makes it Ultra? I have no idea, but I do know this is a cool little toy. Actually, I think it is Ultra because the rockets are a little bigger and go a little higher than the junior version. When you get your hands on this kit, you will agree that it’s the best stomp rocket on the market This toy is a lot of fun and we have spent hours playing with this thing at our house.

Best Stomp Rocket

It is about as simple as a toy as you will find. You stomp on the launch pad which uses the air blast to propel the stomp rocket about 200 feet in the air. It comes with a flexible tube which is connected to a rectangular stomp pad made of plastic. The tube may look like one of those you’ll see in the best stethoscope 2020 models.

The tube end is then connected to one of the foam rockets. There is also a small plastic stand that serves as the launch pad.

Obviously the Ultra Stomp Rocket is ideally played with outside. When you are going for height, those 8-foot ceilings just seem to get in the way. However, on rainy days we have had a great indoor foam rocket battles. The rockets are lightweight...

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