Finally someone is helping us keep our iPhone’s and iPod’s safe from our sticky-fingered, drooling, adorable children. Thank you Fisher Price! This is one of the best products since sliced bread.  I’ve been looking forward to the Laugh and Learn Apptivity Case Review for a long time.  Let’s check it out.

With all the kid friendly apps on the iPhone and iPod they are a great way for kids to entertain themselves, but the problem is… our kids are entertaining themselves with our iPhone, that thing is expensive. It’s not normally a gadget you would just hand to your 2 year old and say, “Here you go, have fun”.

Well, thanks to Fisher Price, now you can. The Laugh and Learn Apptivity Case is the perfect way to allow your kids to enjoy all those fun apps, but still keep your phone safe. All you do is put your Apple gadget into the case and twist to lock it in. The Laugh and Learn Apptivity Case has large handles for easy gripping, teething rings, and even a mirror on the back. One of the features I love the most is that the “Home” button is covered up. It gets really frustrating when your kids keep accidentally hitting the home button and taken out of the app.

It’s inexpensive, so you just can’t go wrong with the Laugh and Learn Apptivity Case. Much better than having to replace your Apple device because it got dropped or drooled on to much.

I know lots of us parents have been waiting for something like this for a long time. F...

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